Gökçe Başar

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I am a theoretical physicist and a Visiting Research Assistant Professor
in the Physics Department, University of Illinois, Chicago

My work mainly focuses on understanding the dynamics of strongly interacting systems. In particular, I explore the non-perturbative aspects of quantum field theories including (but not restricted to) quantum chromodynamics. I use and develop a variety of tools that range from the more mathematical (such as asymptotic analysis) to the more computational (such as Monte-Carlo methods). I also work on the phenomenological aspects of heavy ion collisions to understand the behavior of hadronic matter at high temperatures and the manifestations of quantum anomalies therein.

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I am a coordinator of the
KITP Conference on "Resurgence in Gauge and String Theory"

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address: 2266 SES
University of Illinois, Chicago
845 West Taylor Street
Chicago, IL, 60607, USA

e-mail: gbasar AT uic DOT edu